Hi! My name is Constanza Herrero. I am an Australian/Chilean singer and songwriter. 
Whether through original music or devotional writings, I am passionate about shining light into people's lives. I live only to point people to the true and lasting joy and peace that is only found in Jesus.
But being an independent artist is not easy. I must wear many different hats every day. It is especially difficult to sustain financially. Recording a single song requires paying musicians, producers, engineers. Songs must be mixed and mastered, and more. It all quickly gets very costly.
In my day job, I work as a music tutor/coach. This helps to cover many regular music expenses, but it doesn’t bring in enough to fund larger projects and it definitely doesn’t leave much time to actually create.
My desire is to release content as regularly as possible, to encourage and strengthen as many as possible. And my prayer is that one day my music will be self-sustaining.  
That is why I’ve opened this store! One of the ways you can support my art and ministry is by purchasing these products I have designed. Each one is thoughtfully created to bring you joy and hope as you wear them!